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General Requirements

State Law: The State of Michigan through MCL 551.101, 104, 106 requires all parties intending to be married to obtain a marriage license from the county clerk of the county in which either the man or woman resides.

In-State Residents: Must apply for license in the county in which they live. The marriage may then occur in any county in the state.

Out-of-State Residents: Must apply for license in the county in which they will be married.

Waiting Period: There is a required 3-day waiting period to obtain a license after submitting an application.

Application Expiration: Marriage must take place within 33 days from date of application.

Required Documentation to Obtain License

Online Order Confirmation Number: After the application has been submitted, an order confirmation number will be displayed. An email containing the order number will also be sent.

Certified Birth Certificates: Each applicant must provide one of the following: a certified birth certificate, an official foreign birth certificate with an English translation, a permanent resident alien card or naturalization certificate. Note: We require the original certified birth record along with the certified translation (if applicable).

Government Issued Pictured Identification: For both applicants such as a driver's license or state identification. Address on application must match valid current driver's license for both (verification required in office). A passport can be used for pictured identification if an additional piece of documentation is included to show residency. An additional piece of documentation would include a utility bill or something similar.

Certified Judgment of Divorce or Certified Death Certificate: If previous marriage was terminated by divorce or death.

Social Security Cards: For both applicants. If you are exempt from having a social security number due to other legal reasons (citizen of another country here with a passport, work or student visa or in the process of becoming a citizen of this country) or exempt because of religious convictions pursuant to MCL 551.102{sec. 2(3)}, you must provide applicable documentation and must sign an affidavit to that affect. If you are ineligible to obtain a social security card, you must sign an affidavit to that affect in lieu of having the social security information.

Parental Consent Form: If age 16 or 17, parental or guardian consent is required. A consent form must be notarized with parent/guardian signature or parent/guardian must be present, with valid government identification to sign consent form. Forms are available from the County Clerk's Office.

Information Needed to Apply

Age & Date of Birth: For both applicants. Each must be at least 18 years old. However, a 16 or 17 year old can apply with written consent of a parent of guardian, (see Required Documentation below).

Birthplace: For both applicants, provide city and state of birth.

Parent InformationProvide parents' full names including mother's maiden name and state of birth or country if not USA.

The required documentation and information needed to apply varies by county. The above information applies to Ottawa County.  Please contact the county for more information and to confirm what you'll need to get your license.